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Phosphonates Antiscalants, Corrosion Inhibitors and
Chelating Agents
Salts of Phosphonates
Polycarboxylic antiscalant
and dispersant
Biodegradable antiscalant
and dispersant
Biocide and Algicide
Built Scale & Corrosion Inhibitors and Pretreatment Filming Agents
Corrosion Inhibitor
Oxygen Scavenger
Reverse Osmosis Chemicals
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Shandong Taihe Chemicals Co., Ltd.
TEL:  +86-632-5113066
FAX:  +86-632-5112055
E-mail: info@thwater.net
Web: http://www.taihechem.net
ADD: No.1, Shiliquan East Road, Shizhong District, Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province, P.R.China

Shandong TaiHe Chemicals Co.,LTD. the professional manufacturer of water treatment chemicals, focuses on R&D and production of water treatment chemicals and supplies high-quality products to the whole industry constantly.

Products include scale and corrosion inhibitor, biocide and algicide, pretreatment filming agents, chelating agent, dispersant, reverse osmosis chemicals and etc., which are widely used in the applications such as industrial circulating cooling water system in electricity, metallurgy, petrochemical industries and etc., reverse osmosis system (seawater desalination, pure water production etc.), oil extraction, household, textile&dyeing, paper&pulp, ceramics, coating, electronic cleaning, sugar making, aquaculture, and agriculture etc.

Taihe developed Continuous Mass Production Technology of water treatment chemicals through years of efforts, which broke the limitation of the traditional single-reactor batch production process, combined with Automatic Control Systems (such as PLC,DCS) and ERP Management System, gradually achieving unmanned and intelligent operation on the production site of fine chemicals. Taihe independently developed and achieved the deeply mutual combination of the information management system and production automatic system, improved the production efficiency and the stability of product quality, fully guaranteed the personnel safety and health.

Taihe’s project of 300,000 tons water treatment chemicals was put into production in 2015. Company will continue to increase its R&D investment and complete its production series, make the production process more green and environmental-friendly, lower down the energy and material consumption constantly, and contribute to the protection of human living environment.

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Company Address:
No.1, Shiliquan East Road, Shizhong District, Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province, P.R.China

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ADD: No.1, Shiliquan East Road, Shizhong District, Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province, P.R.China
TEL:+86-632-5113066  FAX:+86-632-5112055     
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