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84 Disinfectant

Product form: Liquid

Appearance: Colorless to pale yellow liquid

Sterilization scope: It can kill intestinal pathogenic bacteria, pyogenic cocci and common bacteria of hospital infection.

Main active ingredients and content: The main active ingredient is sodium hypochlorite, with content 4-4.9%.

Application range: Suitable for sanitation and disinfection of hotels, tourism, hospitals, food processing industries, families, kindergartens, etc.

Sterilization method: Wipe, spray, mop.


Dilution Ratio Application Detailed Usage Concentration Disinfecting Time
1:40 Disinfection of tableware Soak the tableware into the diluted liquid for 20 minutes 1000mg/L 20 min
1:100 Disinfection of general objects’ surface (restroom, toilet, floor, etc.) Soak in diluted disinfectant for 20 minutes, or scrub the surface with a cloth or mop, or spray with a plastic pot 400mg/L 20 min
1:100 Disinfection of public environment (drainage pipes, ditches, trash cans, etc.) Soak in diluted disinfectant for 20 minutes or spray with a plastic pot 400mg/L 20 min


1. 84 disinfectant has certain irritation and metal corrosion effect, it must be diluted before use, see the above table for the dilution concentration and method of use. The disinfected items should be completely submerged into the dilution. After disinfection, objects should be rinsed with clean water before use. Disinfectant should be prepared freshly with cold water before use. Wear gloves when preparing. Disposable. Do not dilute with hot water above 50 °C.

2.The 84 disinfectant has strong bleaching and corrosion effect . Generally it can’t be used for the disinfection of clothing. If application is inevitable, use in low concentration with short soaking time.

3.Do not mix 84 disinfectant with other detergents or disinfectants.

4.Keep children out of reach to avoid misuse.

5. Disinfection for vegetables, fruits and other foods are generally not recommended.

6. It has bleaching effect on textiles.

7. The product should be stored in a shady, dry place and a well-ventilated clean room. It should be protected from sun and rain during transportation, and avoid inversion during loading and unloading.

Storage: Shady and sealed

Package: Drums

Shelf life: 12 months

Executive Standard: Q / SDTH 0077-2020

Manufacturer registration license No.: LU Disinfection Product Number (2020) No. 0174

Product picture:

84 Disinfectant
84 Disinfectant
84 Disinfectant
84 Disinfectant

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